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Voce Telecom Business Voice and Data services provide you with a reliable network and a variety of services to meet the needs of your business. Whether it is Long Distance, Toll Free (Domestic & International) or data connectivity Voce Telecom has the solution for your business.  With 24 x 7 customer service, experienced engineers and sales staff, Voce Telecom will assist you every step of the way.

  • Toll Free- Domestic and International
  • Long Distance Rates under 1¢
  • SIP Trunking
  • Wholesale Voice
  • Consultative Support

Toll Free – Domestic & International Rates
Expand your Business Worldwide.
International Toll Free Services (ITFS) is a cost-effective solution that allows your business to expand with a local presence in the international market. By using one single toll free number in each country, your customers, employees, and business partners will have the ability to reach your business from over 70 countries worldwide at no cost to the caller.

Domestic rates International rates

Long Distance

Voce Telecom RBOC Rates Listing:

Type State Interstate Intrastate
Toll Free      
Travel Card      

International Toll Free rates

Voce Telecom ITFS Toll Free Rates Listing:

Country code Country Rates Per Minutes

Sip Trunking
What is SIP?
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows you to gain more control of your communications services and maximize the investment of your PBX business phone system.  SIP trunking enables simultaneous calls over a single phone line and also supports Unified Communications options, such as video conferencing.  With SIP’s flexibility, it is rapidly becoming business standard.  SIP connections are sold per call path, and only one SIP trunk is required to handle all of the simultaneous calls a user wants to make, as long as bandwidth is sufficient.  SIP trunks work with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone numbers and can use local, out-of-area, and toll-free numbers.   

What are the Benefits?
Cost Savings
Significantly reduce your company’s communications costs by adding SIP trunks to your existing PBX equipment for instant deployment in the cloud.

  • Convert  existing phone system  to VoIP with minimal CapEx
  • Save money on local and long-distance calling with our national footprint
  • More efficient way of doing business

Easily adjust SIP trunks as call volumes vary, based on changing organizational needs and company size.

  • Add or reduce trunks as needed
  • Receive no limitations to the number of trunks or lines
  • Replace traditional analog or PRI circuits with a single internet connection

Wholesale Voice

  •  Premium Tier1 Carriers (TDM Interconnected)
  • On net Routes
  •  IP Connectivity
  • International Directs

Consultative Support
Our knowledgeable team of experts with over 50 years of combined experience can help design and implement a custom voice & date package to meet the needs of your business. Saving you money & time

Data and Internet Solutions

  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
  • Private Line (Metro & Long haul)
  • MPLS
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL/EVPL)
  • Data Center & Carrier Hotel Access
  • Extensive On-net Footprint
  • Colocation

Connect with confidence!
We are a leading provider of dedicated Internet solutions, MPLS and Private Line. Whether your enterprise has one location or many, or whether you’re consolidating onto a single managed network, Voce Telecom Data and Internet Solutions can help.
There’s no room for service interruptions in today’s business world. We offer secure, reliable, and well-managed business-grade data solutions with guaranteed bandwidth availability.
We customize Solutions.
When it comes to data services, one size does not fit all. Voce Telecom strategic approach in designing your solution draws upon a broad array of both regional and national carrier partners. We create a customized solution so that you get the right data circuit and the right bandwidth for your business environment for an affordable price.
Match your network to your need.
We deliver data solutions for any sized business, whether you have a single U.S. location or multiple locations spread across the globe. From Ethernet to MPLS we provide scalable data and Internet services built upon Voce Telecom's secure and redundant network.
Benefit from flexible billing.
With flexible billing options, Voce Telecom Solutions will help you design a network solution that scales as your business requires.

  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) guarantee uptime, latency, jitter, and packet delivery
  •  Quality of Service (QoS) options allow you to customize and prioritize your voice, data, and video traffic
  • 24/7 support allows you to rest easy knowing that technical support is
    available all day, every day of the year

Voce Telecom Solutions that are best fit to meet your communications needs


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