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To pay your bill online, simply click the "View/Pay Your Bill" option in the "Long Distance" section of the top menu, or click here! For the best experience, please use Data Explorer 6.0 or higher when logging into the Customer Portal! Or send payments to: PO Box 29824 Phoenix, AZ 85038

Voce Telecom Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-284-1310 or via email at cs@vocetelecom

Intrastate is when a call originates and terminates in the same state (ex: California to California). Interstate is when a call originates in one state and is terminated in another (ex: New York to Florida).

FEDERAL TAXES: Federal taxes are assessed as a percentage of local service charges, and certain surcharges that are remitted to the federal government.

STATE TAXES: State taxes are assessed as a percentage of jurisdictional service charges.

COUNTY/CITY/LOCAL TAXES: Such taces may also apply and vary by jurisdiction.

FEDERAL UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND (USF) TAX: The federal USF supports telecommunications services in high-cost areas, low-income subscribers, rural health care providers, schools and libraries.

The USF is assessed as a percentage of interstate and international long distance charges, private line charges and end-user access charges (PICC see below).

STATE UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND TAX: The state USF is assessed as a percentage on all intrastate local service charges, including local usage, intrastate long distance charges, and certain telephone feature services. The purpose of the state USF is to ensure that basic telephone service is available at reasonable and affordable rates.

E911 TAXES: This surcharge funds 911 emergency response services.

PRE-SUBSCRIBED INTEREXCHANGE CARRIER CHARGE (PICC): This is a charge that long-distance customers pay for use of the local network to complete long distance calls. The PICC is assessed at a flat rate for multi-line business customers and is subject to federal taxes, USF, and state taxes.

BILLING PROCESS FEE: This charge is applied for invoices less than a ten U.S. dollars to recover costs incurred for bill processing. This 49¢ fee allows us to provide competitive rates for all our customers.

No, you local carrier remains the same and they send your Long Distance calls to you carrier of choice.
Voce Telecom Calling Cards allow you to place calls to International countries from the United States, but they do not work when making calls from outside the United States.
No. Voce Telecom submits an order to your local carrier to move your Long Distance service to Voce Telecom. This process is seamless to the customer. If you have a “PIC Restriction” on your phone number(s), a Voce Telecom representative will contact you and explain how to make the change with your local carrier.
YES! You MUST notify Voce Telecom off all number changes and additions. We need to set your numbers up in our switch or with underlying carriers for service. Failure to notify Voce Telecom may result in you being billed by another carrier.

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